2020: A year that woke you up!

It’s New Year’s eve, you are very excited to leave 2019 behind. You feel it has not been good to you, because obviously you haven’t met 2020 yet. Anyway, you are all pumped for #newyear #newdecade #newme. You are totally feeling it, the vibes of a fresh start. You put up a story quoting “Leaving negativity back in 2019”. Sounds funny now, doesn’t it?

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It’s the next day, the first day of the new decade, you plan out your entire year, set goals for yourself, plan which diet you are gonna do, pick a gym for yourself. You were watching mostlysane’s video last night, so you even ended up ordering 3 new books for you to read in 3 months.

January got over, you read half of your first book, tried dieting, cheated a little too much, and ended up sharing another story “My new year starts from Feb, Jan was a trial month”. You carried on with your life, trying to fix little things, focusing on the good, and finally, things started moving as you wanted them to.

But then entered the villain of all of our stories, Novel CoronaVirus. It seemed like a hoax in the beginning but with the increasing death rates in Italy, the world was left shaken.

Lockdown 1.0 began, followed by 2.0, then 3.0, and so on. The situation was getting worse. Things weren’t going as you thought. All your plans were canceled.

The world was in chaos. Things felt unsettling. One moment you were planning to move to another city for your dream job and the next moment your placement was canceled. One moment you were excited for your most awaited graduation party and the next moment y’all graduated over a zoom call.

Life took a turn, and nobody knew where it’s going to take us. You will survive this or is 2020 the end of it all, who knows. A lot was going on and we had to blame it on someone, so we blamed it on the year 2020. We cursed and trolled it. 2020 was held accountable for any mishap that followed. Asteroids hitting Earth, Cyclones, Locust Attack, SSR's suicide, You did this to us 2020.

True. It happened in 2020. But what also happened in 2020 is that mother earth began to heal, you caught up on a lost hobby, humanity awakened, mental health was given importance to, society came together, above all, You & I, we learned to fight with a situation we were completely unprepared for.

Apart from bringing destruction, 2020 is also the year that made us aware of the true meaning of being alive. It taught us that the everyday hustle isn’t worth every inch of us, instead being with your loved ones, finding your true purpose, following your calling is.

2020 isn’t a canceled year, it’s a year that was meant to truly open our eyes.

Life as we know isn’t ever going back to normal after this.

The inevitable truth of life is CHANGE and the way we live our lives has changed forever. Our normal has changed. We have changed.

The only thing that didn’t change, is loving; the sole purpose of living.

While we are at it, fighting back with the virus and everything else, love with all your heart, have faith, be grateful, become a better version of yourself, and keep moving ahead.

"Nothing lasts forever - not even your troubles" - Arnold H. Glasow

Hang in there, for this too shall pass.

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